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antriebstechnik 1-2/2018

antriebstechnik 1-2/2018


FAST TRACK DEVELOPMENT OF THE AUTOMATION PROCESS IN CHINA There is hardly any other country where automation and digitization is currently progressing as dynamically as in the People’s Republic of China. High-tech, German companies are amongst the preferred technology partners, as demonstrated by the market segment for cutting machines. Bild: Eckelmann TORQUE LIMITERS HELP REDUCE HEAVY DUTY DAMAGES In the steel rolling mills of Arcelor Mittal Ostrava, the largest steel producer in the Czech Republic, clutches with high performance densities as well as high torques and speeds ensure the highest level of operational safety and maximum productivity. Bild: Mayr DRIVE SOLUTIONS FOR CONVEYOR APPLICATIONS IN AUSTRALIA In industrial facilities with a large number of drive units, the TCO can be reduced by up to 70 % through intelligent management of variants. Therefore, Nord Drivesystems has established 3 preferred sizes for variable-frequency drives that cover the typical functional and performance requirements in materials handling and conveyor applications. Bild: Nord 46 antriebstechnik 1-2/2018

SPECIAL I DRIVES GOING GLOBAL DIGITAL HIGHLIGHTS „ DIRK SCHAAR, CHEFREDAKTEUR Wir haben noch mehr spannende Stories für Sie, in denen wir Ihnen zeigen, wo Antriebstechnik weltweit zum Einsatz kommt. Lesen Sie diese auf unserer englischsprachigen Website FLENDER GEARS SECURE PLANT AVAILABILITY IN AUSTRALIA’S FOURTH BIGGEST MINE To enable it to supply the Roy Hill Mine in Australia with technical equipment, DHHI is working in cooperation with Siemens. By choosing solutions from the Flender portfolio, DHHI is benefiting from lightweight energy-efficient drives which not only offer outstanding availability but also require minimal maintenance. Bild: Siemens SERVO SYSTEMS FOR FRENCH PACKAGING MACHINE MANUFACTURER For its new product line, the packing and packaging machine manufacturer ‘Ixapack Global’ was on the search for a compact, yet high-precision servo drive package. It found the perfect solution in the current dual-axis modules of the Sigma-7 servo system series from Yaskawa. Bild: Yaskawa COUPLINGS IN DETROIT: CRITICAL COMPONENTS FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE In no other place is this more evident than Detroit, Michigan, where German based coupling manufacturer, R+W, has been taking on increasing technical challenges from automotive testing engineers, and delivering some of its highest performing couplings yet. Bild: R+W Antriebselemente antriebstechnik 1-2/2018 47

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